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Klik hier om de cv te download> CV Mondy Holten 1-9-2018 SAP BI EN (PDF) CV Mondy Holten 1-9-2018 SAP BI EN (doc) Mr. Mondy Holten (05-01-1981, Haiti) Training experience click “here” Register for a training click “here” Do you need my skills? Just sent me a email Call: +31616073107 >> Please book free an appointment by the …

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How to build a competency center ? Call Mr Data BI Developers

1. Start with a strategic mission. Don’t think of it as a “BI Technology Center”; the BICC should be a repository of knowledge and capabilities around BI applications and priorities. Most importantly, the mission should be guided by high-level strategic goals that cut across the organization. “The whole point is making it strategic and repeatable,” …

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Business Intelligence Strategy and Roadmap

Mister Big Data helps companies to making better decisions.  Our Business Intelligence strategy service focuses on what you want to achieve with BI / Analytics, what the benefits are and how to do it. Focus: business intelligence roadmap example, business intelligence strategic plan, business intelligence strategy pdf, business intelligence roadmap ppt, business intelligence strategy ppt, “business intelligence …

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