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Future Jobs

“Cars will also become mobile technology platforms linking data to other services, such as healthcare. Obviously privacy issues abound, but cars could become useful data-collection and delivery points. Indeed, in the future all cars will be automatically tracked from space, making no journey entirely private.” 


Do You job excxist at 2025?


What is SAP and why is this so in demand?

SAP is a system that is deployed and used by companies to automize different business processes in a smart way. The SAP system is worldwide the most used ERP system. Industry-leading corporations like Philips, PostNL, Rabobank, ING, T-mobile and many more are looking specifically for people that have knowledge about SAP system. When solliciting for an IT job, knowledge about SAP is often a requirement. Are you looking to work for these companies? Then it is recommended to have a good understanding of the basic knowledge of SAP. 

Here´s what you will get with the SAP Training in Dubai 


  • Background and working of SAP
  • Navigation skills
  • Insights in the most important processes, terms and concepts
  • Rapports

Your advantages

  • Get a great insight into SAP
  • Get the right rapports out of SAP
  • Discover numerous handy tricks ad shortcuts
  • Get quickly to the point of the cause
  • Present rapports that you and your organisation can score with


  • SAP Basic skills
  • 14 days, 2 online meetings, 2 classroom meetings
  • Price per day €997,- or €1.597,-
  • Location: Amsterdam 

Course Curriculum SAP Training in Dubai

Introduction to the course

In the SAP Basic Training students will learn together in this practise oriented course together in a classroom and behind the computer. Students mostly learn by doing in this course, not only from reading. You will be introduced to the design and structure of SAP. Here you will discover which processes in each module will be delivered and what the relationship is between themselves. The following components will be handled in the curriculum.


  • SAP, a Cloud Company
  • Identifying SAP Applications and Components 
  • Outline the Functionality of SAP Cloud-Enabling Applications 
  • SAP System Navigation 
  • Accessing the SAP System 
  • Personalizing the User Interface 
  • System-Wide Concepts 
  • Identifying SAP Organizational and Master Data Elements

*Note: students have to bring their own device. We advice a Windows laptop of maximum 12 months old with a 15 inch screen size. If this might an issue, please contact our "Live Support" through

Trust by comppanies


"Very useful course to improve my skills. There are many offers to learn, and after asking all my questions to Mondy, I felt very confident in following the course. I really enjoyed the course and im sure I can apply a lot in my job."

- Katrin Marx | Head of Product & Growth Marketer @ Mobypark -

"Mondy is een zeer prettige trainer om mee samen te werken. Door zijn toegankelijke karakter was ik niet bang om wat voor vraag dan ook te stellen en heb ik het gevoel dat ik echt iets geleerd heb. De training was zeer leerzaam en door Mondy's energieke persoonlijkheid was het ook echt een leuke trainingsdag en voelde ik me heel gemotiveerd. De bijgeleverde reader is overzichtelijk ingedeeld en ook achteraf een goed hulpmiddel als naslagwerk. Ik heb Mondy al aan meerdere collegas aanbevolen en ik hoor louter enthousiaste geluiden!"

- Andrea van Loon | Marketing Executive @ Euro Manchetten & Compensatoren-

Get Certified at Mr Data

Join today and get:

  • ERP Sysytem
  • ETL Tools 
  • SQL Server 2016 
  • SAP Business Object 
  • Ms Power BI
  • Data Project Managemen
  • Data visualisation 

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